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About Teaching Truffles

About the lessons

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Teaching Truffles exists to make the lives of ESL teachers around the world a little easier.

Many will agree that planning ESL lessons can at times be difficult and/or time consuming. Many teachers look to the internet to lighten their lesson planning load. Good teachers require good teaching materials, which maximise student learning and are stimulating. These teachers need lessons, worksheets and board games that are complete, free and good to go. The trouble is, finding teaching materials like this can be very difficult. A lot of the stuff out there today just doesn't tick the required boxes.

This is where Teaching Truffles comes in. Here the emphasis is on quality, not quantity. ESL lessons on this site tick the following boxes:

  • 1 hour long: Lessons are fully-staged and complete so you have everything you need.
  • Printable: You have access to tangible teaching materials that can be printed quickly.
  • Free: It costs nothing to browse and use these ESL lessons so it's pretty much risk free.
  • Easy to teach: Teaching materials are logically staged and clear. Teacher's guides also help.
  • Learning focused: Lessons have objectives which are specific and achievable.
  • Student centred: Student talking time is high. Teacher talking time is low.
  • International: Materials can be used regardless of what country you're teaching in.
  • Original: Lessons are unique and can't be found elsewhere.

A message from the site's creator

Hi, I'm Dave and I'm the creator of Teaching Truffles and all of its ESL lessons. I believe that a good teacher combined with a good lesson can result in a great learning experience for students. I really enjoy developing user-friendly high-quality teaching materials. Now I want to share what I've created with you.

Teaching Truffles creator David Bowes

This site was born out of necessity. In my experience, finding quality ESL lessons online isn't easy. That said, I'm pretty picky about what I take into the classroom. There are some good worksheets and activities out there, but finding them takes too long because they're usually buried under scores of not so good ones. It's my mission to make your teaching life a bit easier by providing first-class teaching materials only. Quality will always be prioritised over quantity.

I hope you find this site useful. If you would like to give me feedback regarding the site or its ESL lessons, please contact me. I'd love to hear from you, whatever your feedback may be.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the lessons,