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Terms of use and copyright

Permitted and prohibited use of lessons

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Permitted uses

  1. English teachers may use materials from this site to educate their student(s). Teachers must be physically present with their student(s) while a lesson is being taught.
  2. Teacher-trainers may use materials from this site to educate their trainee(s). Again, the trainer must be physically present with the trainee(s) when a lesson is used.
  3. Teachers and teacher-trainers can make a reasonable number of copies when teaching a class of multiple students.
  4. Materials can be included as part of a curriculum.

Prohibited uses

  1. Under no circumstance are these lessons to be electronically distributed in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, uploading materials to other websites. Teaching Truffles retains all electronic distribution rights.
  2. Although certain permissions have been granted regarding the use of lessons on this site, copyright law still applies. Users must not claim that they created these materials themselves. In addition, users must not plagiarise lessons and then claim authorship.
  3. Copyright notices on materials must not be removed, modified or concealed. They must remain visible and intact.
  4. Lessons on this site must not be used for online teaching. Only face-to-face teaching is permited.

User liability

If a teacher or institution uses materials from this site, they must accept full liability. Teaching Truffles and its owner cannot be held responsible for any negative consequence that arises as a result of using lessons from this site.


The sharing of materials with others can be done by:

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You must not share lessons by distributing them yourself or by uploading them to other sites.

Lesson ownership

Every lesson on this site has been created by David Bowes, the owner of Teaching Truffles. These materials and their associated copyrights remain the property of David Bowes who can add, remove and modify lessons without notice.

Users may download and use materials as outlined on this page but at no point do lessons become the property of the user.


Every effort has been made to ensure that copyright infringement has not taken place on this site or in its lessons. Images have primarily come from these two sources, which are:

  1. This site provides royalty free images for corporate or personal use. These images have been used in accordance with the website's terms and conditions.
  2. Personal photos taken by the owner of Teaching Truffles, who owns the copyright to these images.

Educational fair use

In the rare case that copyrighted materials are used on this site, they are used in accordance with educational fair use guidelines. This permits limited use of copyrighted materials without needing to acquire permission from the author of the creative work.

The Harvard University website has a detailed guide relating to fair use, which can be found here.